Destiny Church Statement in NZ national newspaper, the Dominion Post

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Jan 7, 2012
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Jan 7, 2012
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Dominion Post

The context is that Destiny Church had acquired 4 hectares of land in which it will build its "promised land". The church leader, Mr Brian Tamaki, was quoted as saying this in one of his church services : "Much of your seed is going to go toward the foundation of an offering toward our promised land, and that beginning is not going to come without a fruitful start financially" fruit, seed, foundation, offering, promised land, and going to go? And what the hell is a foundation of an offering? I think he means give me money to pay for the land and buildings, but instead of saying that he coated his message in God sounding words, after all, who there would deny the authority of God.

Are you aware of this little gem of a saying in NZ. "Its [ rugby] a game of two halves". Silly? Well yes, but it does follow some logic. The point of this saying is that the first half of the game can be quite different from the second half.

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