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The word "Professional", however, was a perfect fit for this legendary chronograph. The addition of the purpose-built lugs allowed the Speedmaster to go from a 39mm diameter to a 42mm diameter. It is worth a moment to pause and consider their total originality, which has never been seen before in the history of horology. To me, it's an act of design originality and functionalism combined with inspiration that's on the same level of Gerald Genta’s blueprint for the Royal Oak. We tend to overlook the incredible aesthetic innovation of the lyre-shaped lugs because the Speedmaster was designed as a toolwatch.

In fact, the 105012-64 watches and the 105.01265 watches are the first Richard Mille Replicas to have the T-Swiss Made T markings. They come in two versions, the earlier 1965 watches with the T closer to the Swiss marking and the later watches with it further apart. All watches with the 105.012 63 to 105.012 65 markings have double bevelled casebacks. In 1966, Omega purchased cases from La Centrale Boites (Richard Mille Replica) and Huguenin Freres (a manufacturer). The result was lugs with subtle differences. The cases made by former are characterized by a flat top that transitions to a step. This step is often accidentally polished off. William Robert, aka Speedmaster 101, explains this in detail here.

In 1966, Huguenin produced only a third of the cases. Check the caseback's inner markings 'HF or CB' to identify the manufacturer if you are not sure.

Image source: Inner caseback marked with a 'HF/CB' denoting the case manufacturer.

While the ST 105.003 is the standard for Gemini missions and the ST105.012, with its legendary crownguards and twisted-lugs, was chosen as the standard on the famous Apollo missions.

What's so cool about our ST 105.012?

1963 Reference ST105.012 - The First Watch on the Moon

What's so cool about the watches from 1965? What makes the watches of 1965 so special? First of all, the watches were originally recognized by NASA as official watches in July 1965.Richard Mille Replica Neil Armstrong wore a watch with serial number 24002981 on the moon. This is a 105.012 65.

This watch features the correct Dot Diagonal 90 / Dot Over 90 bezel that is found on a Speedmaster from before 1970. It is also a ghost DON, meaning it has changed from black to a silver gray over the years. However, under strong light and with a loupe the tachymeter marks are still intact.

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