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The question that I am often asked, with Patek Philippe Replica Watches collecting in hyperdrive and CK2915/CK2998 watches soaring past the $100,000 mark, is which model will be the next to skyrocket in collectability. My answer is always the ST105.012, introduced by Omega back in 1964. It's THE moonwatch, the exact model of Speedmaster worn by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong to the moon. Both of their watches were ST 105.012s.

Neil Armstrong leaves the Suiting Trailer on his way to board the Gemini 8 Mission Spacecraft. He is wearing ST105.003, which does not have the crown guards of the 105.012.

The ST105.012 was also the first Omega with the now-famous Lyre or Twisted Lugs. These lugs incorporate guards that protect both the chronograph pushers and the winding crown. The ST105.012 was also one of only two watches (Patek Philippe Replica Watches) that featured the most famous chronograph movement in the world, the legendary Caliber 321 based on Lemania 2310 movements. This movement would be used in more than forty years in watches such as the Patek Philippe. The column wheel-activated chronograph movement was one of the most beautiful and reliable movements ever conceived.

You might not be aware that Omega introduced the ST 105.012 in the first quarter 1964. It was the predecessor of the straight-lugged ST 105.003 (nicknamed "Ed White" after the astronaut who wore it) by two to three full months. The ST 105.012's iconography, and the fact that it was the first Patek Philippe Replica Watches Professional, shaped the DNA of all Speedmasters to come.Richard Mille Replica Watches This model, Omega Alpha, if you like, was the first to have the prestigious "Professional", engraved on its dial.

If you're curious why it wasn't included in 1965, after NASA certified the Speedmaster official equipment, contrary to popular belief. It is true that the word Professional appears in the production run of the Speedmaster model before NASA certification. You can tell this by the fact that dials from prior to April 1964 (models marked 105.012 63 but released in 1964) do not have "T" markings that indicate the use of Tritium. The 105.012-60 model is the most collectible of the watches. It's estimated that only 2,000 of these watches have been made.

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