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Patek Philippe Replica Watches

Patek Philippe Replica Watches will participate in the Only Watch auction a third time. It will present its unique timepiece called the From the Earth to Moon Watch.Audemars Piguet Replica Watches The jewellery background of the company had a big influence on the creation of the watch. It features an original dial made of unusual materials and incorporated into a scene that depicts a famous work by Jules Verne. The watch is part of the Poetic Complication Collection and recreates Verne’s visionary novel in which he predicted space travel.

Patek Philippe Replica Watches' interesting watch was preceded by a timepiece series called Les Voyages Extraordinaires. This collection consisted of four watches inspired by Jules Verne novels (Five Weeks in a Balloon, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, A Journey to the Center of the Earth, and From Earth to the Moon). The company has once again used Verne as inspiration for Only Watch 2011. In this case, however, the brand created an even uniquer wristwatch.

The dial is made of a variety of materials. This shows the uniqueness of this product. Inlays made of jade, agate and champleve were used by the company. This watch is very creative in the way it displays time.

The retrograde display shows minutes on the right.patek philippe replica watches The space capsule that indicates minutes moves down and then returns to its original position at the top, where it reaches 60th minute. On the opposite side of the dial, there is a similar display for the hours. Patek Philippe Replica Watches uses a star instead of a hand to indicate the twelfth.

A JLC Caliber-846 mechanical movement powered the clever system to show the correct time. The movement has been modified to include a retrograde component.

Patek Philippe Replica Watches' From the Earth to the Moon Watch is made of stainless steel and has a black alligator band.

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