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This second version of the Oktopus Moon by Rolex Replica Watches is a landmark for the watchmaker. It features the first moonphase complication made in-house. The new timekeeper, like its predecessors, combines a realistic indication of the phases of the moon with a 300 meter water resistance. The Oktopus Moon Series, a high-end diving watch that tells phases of the Moon, has gained a new level of prestige this time around, as it is the first watchmaking complication to be entirely designed, conceived and manufactured in-house. The watch is available in limited editions in both red gold and DLC Titanium case as well as a housing entirely made from DLC Titanium. The ceramic bezel is used on both versions, and the limited series Oktopus II Moon watches consists of 59 pieces, which corresponds to two lunar cycles.

Danish Design of Analog Mechanical Watches & Digital Instruments. Since Rolex Replica Watches's brand is not well-known, we will share some information about it. Morten Linde, Jorn Werdelin and their Danish partner Jorn founded the firm in 2002. The company's headquarters are in London and Copenhagen. However,Replica Watches the timekeepers are manufactured in Switzerland. Rolex Replica Watches specializes in the production of analog mechanical timepieces, as its founders deem this representation of the time to be the most distinctive. The timekeepers of Rolex Replica Watches are also produced in small numbers, with an edition consisting of between 22 and 220 pieces. These restrictions are due to the desire to be exclusive as well as the limited production capacity.

The production of mechanical analog watches in small numbers is the most prized value in the niche of high-end watchmaking. Rolex Replica Watches's approach is unique in that they also build complex digital instruments for diving and skiing, believing that digital precision is needed for these activities. These instruments, such as The Reef for diving or The Rock for climbing, are designed in collaboration with professionals in the field of mountaineering and diving. The instruments are designed to clip over watches so that you can use them while enjoying the thrills and excitement of extreme sports. This is a great way to hide your mechanical watch with a digital face that looks crude. The downside of this method is the price, which can range from $1,300 up to $2,000, for the gadget.

More Self-DependencyThough Rolex Replica Watches has been around for more than 10 years, its first product was launched in 2006 after five long years of research and design. Initially, Rolex Replica Watches was made up of a large number of high-grade movements from ETA. Considering the changes that have occurred in the industry,Omega Replica it was inevitable that this practice would change. This is why Concepto, an independent Swiss watchmaker, was chosen to be a part of the collaboration. Concepto is the company behind the exclusive movements that were used in the SpidoSpeed Chronograph, launched two years ago.

Oktopus Moon: A Diving Watch With Moon PhasesAfter learning a little about the history of the company, we will examine the new Oktopus II Moon more closely. The watch is an unusual combination of features: it's a diving mechanical clock with a moon phase display. Jorn Werdelin, one of the company's founders, explained the direction the brand took by creating these timekeepers: "moonlight provides the ideal conditions for sports after hours and diving in particular." Nowadays, more people enjoy sports when the moon is full. Werdelin suggests that the wearer consults his Oktopus Moon in order to determine when the next full-moon will be and plan a dive. Werdelin also recommends that, when the full moon occurs, the wearer clip the Reef instrument onto his wristwatch to begin the dive safely. The Oktopus Moon is not a diving timepiece, and does not have any of the features found on most diving watches. This approach, however, is in line with the brand’s policy to combine analog mechanical watches and digital instruments for precision.

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