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This ST105.012 has one of our favorite dials. This is the correct B3-spaced T dial for a watch from 1965. Each and every marker is intact, and they have aged into a beautiful salted caramel colour.

This watch's case is in perfect condition. It's not unpolished,Rolex Replica Watches as that term is used too often these days. But it's damn near.

The hands are not unique but are still attractive as they are C2 baton flat hands in tritium which have become an attractive shade of yellowish-orange.

The watch comes with a JB Champion wristband. NASA replaced the OEM Speedmaster bracelets with J.B. Champion steel-mesh bracelets. According to moonwatchonly.com's amazing website, NASA was worried that the original bracelet could not be easily broken and cause serious injuries if the astronaut got caught by the watch. NASA then put the watches onto JB champion wristbands,Omega Replica which also had the benefit of not needing tools to adjust.

Here are some images of NASA astronauts wearing JB Champion mesh wristbands with their Speedmasters.

Also included with our watch is a Velcro NATO Strap. We will also throw in a leather NATO Strap just because we love you.

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